Writing Snippets

My writing includes experimental flash fiction, poetry, non-fiction articles, games and an as-yet-unfinished novel. Some pieces are below, many more are locked away in the trusty vaults of my ancient laptop. If you’d like me to write something, get in touch!

In Memory of Joe O’Rorke

A piece about my great-uncle Joe O’Rorke, hero of the Irish resistance movement. Read it here.

Ten Years Of Money in Snapshots

Memories of money and time and what matters. Probably my favourite piece I’ve written. Read it here.

More Trucks

One of those dreams that just gets into your soul and eats you from the inside. Read here.

The Art Of Time

I’ve been working on a fantasy novel off-and-on since 2013. You can read about it here.

Artist Date

An appreciation of George William Russell and the practice of the ‘artist date’ - read it here.

Midwinter Mixtapes

Music combined with unusual emotions. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite tune? Read/listen here.

Praise The Sun

A love letter to Dark Souls 3 and its similarities to the practice of yoga. Read it here.

Crafting a Writing Portfolio

I get asked about this a lot, so here’s some advice for those who want to get into games writing. Read it here.

Game Of The Year 2018

My second year of rounding up my favourite games of the year for the lads at Silicon Sasquatch. Read here.